Growing Your Wedding Business with Our Marketing Automation Boot Camp

Despite being an ancient social ritual that predates technology, most weddings rely heavily on innovative gadgets to immortalize that special walk down the aisle. From expert photography and video, to designing the most stunning wedding gown—every wedding detail is perfected with the aid of modern tools and resources.

As a wedding vendor, technology also plays a critical role in optimizing your marketing strategy, generating leads, boosting sales conversion, and opening the doors to better opportunities.

The Holy Matrimony of Marketing + Automation

In the wake of new and advanced management systems, more and more wedding businesses are investing in marketing automation as a much-needed step toward process improvement.

Some, on the other hand, make the grave mistake of resisting technological change. Not only is this detrimental to your sales, but also complicates every aspect of customer relations.

Marketing automation generally refers to software, expertly designed to “automate” your marketing and sales actions. This is particularly effective for repetitive tasks like email marketing, and other web site actions.

In the case of wedding vendors, this refers to a CRM system that digitizes and efficiently manages customer relations. In doing so, it helps you identify unique opportunities to:

  • Personalize your marketing strategy.
  • Reduce lead conversion time + increase revenue.
  • Quadruple sales.
  • Reduce average response time.

Ready to Automate Your Marketing Strategy?

Ready to Automate Your Marketing Strategy?

If you’re nervous about introducing new and complex technologies to your small wedding business, you’re definitely not alone!

Most of these fears stem from a lack of familiarity with Social Media Marketing for wedding vendors and technical management solutions—both of which are crucial for business growth.

Instead of looking at short-term solutions, invest in long-term, sustainable growth by signing up for Marrying Automation—an insightful and practical master-class in revamping your marketing methodologies to reap REAL results.

By participating in these comprehensive sessions (spanning up to 10 hours), you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of wedding marketing in the digital age.
  • How to remove bottlenecks from the digital marketing process.
  • Unique strategies to automate your business in various areas that cover:
    • Email
    • Lead generation(inbound and outbound)
    • Branding
    • Website to conversion
    • Mobile marketing
    • Social media

Why focus on short-term results, when you can discover industry secrets, designed for long-term success?

Whether you need guidance with an efficient email marketing plan, or simply want some tips on the conversion process, can help! Learn more about our Sales Training program and fill your calendar with brides who trust your campaign!

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