Sales Training for Wedding Vendors

Have you ever wondered why you have a superior product/service yet you don’t get enough bookings?

Every vendor experiences this from time to time. Many make the same error, and lower the prices to meet the market demands. This is horrible.

In reality, the answer is breaking down the methods used to sell. fully trains you on the steps to every sale. By breaking down the sale you will be able to charge more and get the booking. These personable sales training sessions allow you to take the right steps to book more weddings. The individual steps will not only give you confidence in your own company but will turn the bride and groom from “Why would I book with you?” to “Why wouldn’t I book with you?”

The steps we will cover are as follows:

  1. The Warm
  2. The Qualify
  3. The Value
  4. The Give AND Take-Away
  5. The Objections
  6. The “Money”
  7. The Button-up

If you are interested in receiving industry specific sales training that will fill up your calendar with brides who love you and your work than Sales Training is the answer Guaranteed.(Meaning you will get your money back if it doesn’t work for you).

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